The Essence of Balance

What is the essence of life if not balance? Light and dark. Good and evil. Debits and credits (inner voice: 
“Huh? What was that last one”).  Balance is a symbol of justice. It’s a symbol of one-ness. It’s a symbol of damn fine bookkeeping! These three icons show us the importance of balance in our lives.  See Lady Justice’s perfectly level scale. We know if the scale is tipped, we should be questioning our morals and fundamental constitution as human.  Even before Lady Justice, Ying and Yang has been a symbol of balance for over 2,000 years. 

And then comes along a famous Italian mathematician named Luca Pacioli.  In the early 1440’s wise Luca invented double-entry accounting: the foundation of the same accounting principles we use today.  It was a de Vincian work of art.  [Seriously, the guy nailed it first try.  I won’t bore you with the whole store because that’s what Wikipedia is for.]

The point is that balanced books just feel right. Call it “financial feng shui” ® (trademark pending).  Think of the chaos unbalanced ledgers can bring to a small business owner.  “How much cash do I have in the bank? What are my expenses? How much should I charge for this? Am I even making any money???“ The answers lie in the books. When Burton & Co, CPAs prepare your books, the first time you bare witness to their perfection, it’s a moment of magic and wonder.  Think Indiana Jones holding up a Golden Idol in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  How it glistens in your hand. Golden. The awesome power….  And then a gigantic boulder comes rolling after you and you run out of our offices screaming and papers flying everywhere.  Now that’s Burton Bookkeeping (trademark also pending)!


But let’s bring it back to the balance [soothing rainforest sounds return]Give your books a 90-minute hot yoga session with Burton & Co CPAs. If you’re looking for monthly financial reporting, a one-off deep scrub or anything in between, we cater our bookkeeping services just for you. Balance sheets and profit & loss statements that work together. 

Make your P&L statement the best P&L it can be. Let your revenue grow and expand as your expenses and deductions compress and shrink while your bottom line reaches for the sky (slight back bend) aaaaaand release.  The sound of economic profit whooshing past you.  Now that’s our kind of Sun Salutations.  Dare I say, “Sum Salutations”??? (you better believe that trademark is pending).

The benefits of balanced books extend well beyond the ledger. Imagine you’re a small business owner in a sales meeting hoping to land a big account or an entrepreneur looking for a new round of funding — the anxiety. The pressure! Now reimagine yourself with the confidence that your books are balanced. You have the number and you know they’re right! You better believe that affects your sales meeting or that investor presentation.


What bookkeeping software is right for you? There are dozens of options for small businesses to large businesses and finding the right fit can be quite a stressful task.  Burton & Co, CPAs has experience with many types of accounting and bookkeeping software including cloud-based SaaS platforms such as Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, Xero, InDinero, and more. Let us work with you to find harmony between your needs and your budget. Whether it’s categorizing expenses, invoicing and accounts receivables, 1099 independent contractor/freelancer tracking – we can help you get started from the ground up with onboarding assistance and setup and one-on-one private training. 

If bookkeeping is just “not your thing,” never fear - we can do it for you.  Burton & Co, CPAs offers recurring bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, and financial statement preparation when you want it.  Most entrepreneurs choose our monthly accounting write-up service to achieve the greatest one-ness with their business.  If you’re not emotionally ready to commit to monthly number crunching, we are happy to often ad-hoc accounting clean-up and reconciliation services on demand.  Flexibility and convenience at its finest.

Choose Your Own Path

Opening your books and records to an outsider can be a sensitive moment in the life of a business.  That trust is something we covet and respect at Burton & Co, CPAs.  So, if your financial chakras need an adjusting journal entry, let Burton & Co, CPAs guide you down the path of enlightened. Namaste.