A CPA is like your emergency contact. You know the one in the group that’s super responsible and reliable.  That’s definitely the person I want called after getting hit by a NYC MTA bus. Legal problems? Best leave that to the lawyers.  Dating woes? That’s a job for Mom. Medical? A doctor of course. But for everything else, a CPA is normally high on the most-called list for your personal and business needs. If it has a number in it, good chances you’ll think to call your CPA because numbers don’t scare us! We wrangle up those numbers like a lasso contest at the local rodeo, but switch the rope for a gigantic printing calculator. Have you ever seen one of things?? We got a bunch and they’re awesome. Sometimes we take those paper strips, frame them and give them as gifts to our clients. After a tax season we have enough calculator paper to wallpaper our entire FLorida Office. And on Halloween we take the extra paper rolls and throw them on the Office buildings of competing accounting firms to let them know who’s boss.  Not really, but that would be kinda great.

CPAs of the Future
The explosion of the digital age and cloud-based apps have been incredible. Integration is streamlining every aspect of our daily lives across every vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Critics thought TurboTax would kill the accounting firm; that Quickbooks Online would make bookkeepers obsolete.  Those predictions really missed the mark (at least for the time being.)  There is no debate automation and machine learning are making amazing achievements in the accounting industry. Many of them are absolutely disruptive.  But these tools have not killed “the accountant”, nay, it’s breeding the CPA of the Future. If you don’t adapt, you’re dead.  That’s true in life and business.  Our ability to learn and leverage these incredible tools allow us to provide a level of efficiency and accuracy at speeds never before imagined. It’s speed meets scale meets quality. And most importantly, with Burton & Co, CPAs, we use much of the same tools you run your business on.  That means we can communicate your accounting to you in a language you understand.  It means we don’t just understand your business environment, we’re very much living it with you. But the most, most, most important piece of the puzzle, and this is Burton & Co secret, we don’t sacrifice the human element.  We understand not everyone is born with a god-given gift of bank reconciliations and adjusting entries. And with great power comes great responsibility to help you learn the skills you need to be successful.


Sound good, Partner?

A long lasting relationship with a great CPA is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Together, client and advisor, there is much we can learn from each other. 

Your growth is our growth.

Your success is our success.

So whattaya say, Partner? Shall we “put a ring on it?”