Intro - Hey, errrybody. I'm Dave.

Dave Burton, CPA here. For those unsure CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. I have a Master's of Accounting degree from the University of Florida, am certified in NY & FL, and have spent time working at mega and micro firms alike (my own included.)

This blog is a social experiment. Taxes affect every one of us. The word "taxes" alone often triggers strong emotions like fear, anger, hatred, confusion, and even utter helplessness. It's ingrained in nearly every aspect of our life from buying a sandwich to proposing marriage and yet so many of us know so little about taxes. 

I'm here to help bridge that knowledge gap. I won't be able to answer specific questions (and see my gigantic disclaimer that this is NOT professional tax advice) because every situation is unique. Taxes are written in law and law is confusing. What I hope you take away rather is the ability to identify where a tax issue may arise and have the tools to make good personal and financial decisions.



Last disclaimer - I'm a practicing CPA with a small firm I'm trying to grow. Some things will be biased so let's just put that out in the world right off the bat. And if you read this and are interested in becoming a client please reach out! It almost always pays to have a professional do your taxes. If you hijack a car you can represent yourself in court but a lawyer is probably going to give you a better defense. DIY taxes may be cheaper but the reality is you probably don't know what you don't know. And they may not even be cheaper..