Tax Season Essentials

Here are some docs, guides, and what-nots to help survive another exciting tax season!

Tax Organizer

Don't know where to start?  Then this Tax Organizer is for you.  A complete list of questions designed to help you provide your CPA with (almost) all the paperwork needed. If you know your stuff, try this smaller version.

Links, Guides, & More

Our legacy site,, is a blast from the proverbial past. Genuine 1990's web design instills the trust you crave in a CPA firm.  Old as it is, it does have tons of useful tax news links and financial guides.  Enjoy!


Engagement Letter

Needed for all clients in order to get your tax returns.  Please sign and send this letter to Burton & Co, CPAs. 


Pay Online

Want to be the best client ever??  Here's where to pay your bill online.  Thanks! WE LOVE YOU!

Tax Form Cheat Sheet!

How can anyone ever remember what all these stupid forms are?! Well, this handy-dandy cheat sheet breaks it all down. It’s a great tax season checklist too!

IRS Filing Requirements

This is some important disclosure information to help shed some light on why we do what we do.  It's quite the fun read, let me tell ya. 

Pay Taxes Online (Individual and Business)

These quick guides walk you through paying IRS, NY, and NJ individual taxes, quarterly, estimates as well as IRS, NY, and NYC business taxes