Taxes for Freelancers


Looking past the obvious bias, the answer is yes.   Let’s profile a few individuals that are self-employed or freelance and show how they could benefit from a CPA.  Hopefully you can relate to at least one of these:

1. The “Simple” Taxpayer.  I can’t count how many times folks come to me and say “I’m a normal person. My tax situation is simple. I get a w-2; I don’t have any property; i don’t have many investments; I’ve always filed my own taxes.” On the face - maybe that sounds reasonable to you, but let’s think about this a little deeper.

As unfortunate as it is, polls show over 60% of Americans would fail a financial literacy test. Now those tests don’t just talk about taxes, which even fewer people really know and understand. So odds are Mr. Simple doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.  And that’s totally not his fault. We have a major problem with under-educating our population about taxes (which is why I created - a free web app to help you learn tax basics.  And why were trying to give free lectures in local communities to end “Taxation Without Education” trademark pending.).

If Mr. Simple does his own taxes, it’s also likely they don’t have any sort of financial advisor beyond a friend, family member or using google. With other things to worry about like insurance amounts and finding clients, they put taxes on the back-burner.

Most of us are like that - it’s okay, but unless you really want to teach yourself taxes, money, and expenses, you’re probably not going to learn enough to help yourself. We file taxes every year! Things change every year! *cough, cough Trump Tax plan.*  Good luck keeping up with everything.  We have a hard enough time and it’s our day job.

The worst-case scenario of having a CPA for our self-employed or freelance Mr. Simple: he’s compliant with his taxes, he’s tax efficient, he has a resource to learn about various aspects of his personal finances, and he has piece of mind that someone will look out for him. sounds like a win to me.

2.  Taxes for Freelancers - take everything I just said for our self-employed or freelance Mr. Simple and times it by 10.  Our tax system is soooo not built for the gig economy. Rather than writing a book here, you should DEFINITELY go to and give it a whirl. You’ll learn more in 90 seconds about taxes that your entire life combined. Promise.

3. The “It’s Complicated” Tax Status -  So maybe you’re not so “simple” anymore. Hopefully you got a nice amount of money or a pay raise or new job. Maybe you recently had a kid or will expense buying a house. You might be looking for accountants for the self-employed because things are getting a little bit unmanageable to do it all yourself. And most likely, you still don’t know what you don’t know.  Most people that reach this point realize and admit they could use some help and almost always the first place they go is to a CPA.  We CPA’s see have seen a lot in our day.  With 35+ years of tax and accounting experience and over 1200 clients there isn’t much that surprises us these days, which means a CPA is an excellent resource to give you advice on things that don’t even have to do with taxes or small business accounting.  Odds are if we can’t help, we know someone who can help with your income or expenses. 

4. The Entrepreneur - Greetings, Ms. CEO.  I see you’ve started a business recently and it’s rock’n and roll’n.  Congrats! Color us impressed. We know how hard it is to start a business, especially in a town like NYC, we’ve done it and we live that life every day.  No need to do self-employed bookkeeping or be a self-employed accountant. By now, you probably know the importance of taxes and having a professional CPA deal with the expenses and form filing.  The big question is what does your CPA do for you besides calling you once a year for your 1099’s?  Burton & Co, CPAs are more than your parents old “Tax guy” you’ve been using for years.  We’re partners to our clients. We educate our clients.  We take the time and go the extra mile because we care about our clients’ success.  Take your business and personal finances to the next level with a CPA that really cares about your well-being and understands the business environment you’re navigating through.  It’s a Jumanji world out there – let’s us be your Alan Parish.


Accountant for Freelancers: Gimme A “C”!.....

The wise philosopher, Chris Farley, once said something about asking a butcher how the steaks look.  The lesson was sometimes it’s helpful to get an expert’s professional opinion on something before getting in over your head.  Taxes are tough, and no one likes them, but they’re here so let’s roll up our sleeves and deal with it.  I promise to make the process as easy and clear as possible.  Most of my clients feel a sense relief, as if a great tax burden was lifted off their shoulders.  I hope we can do the same for you, let us help with your taxes for freelancers!